Chad DOMINICISChad Dominicis was born on June 29, 1951, in Holguín, Oriente, Cuba. He left Cuba at age 9. He has lived in Aruba, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, North Carolina, and various places in Florida. In 1978, he settled in Miami for a 32-year stay.

Since 2010, Chad has resided in Gainesville, FL, one of the places where he went to college. When asked his occupation the first response is communicator. But Chad’s areas of expertise include Communications and Business, as well as Media, Psychology, Marketing, Semantics, and Creative Writing.

As a communicator, he is fluent in Spanish and English, a specialist in Hispanic Media, Broadcasting, and Marketing, and experienced in Visual Arts Production, including Video/Film Direction, Digital Editing and Graphic Design. He has been an established Announcer, Master of Ceremonies, and for years a Public Figure in Miami Latin Media. He is considered by many in Broadcasting to be an Innovator and a Problem Solver. Today, Chad is the President and General Manager of a pair of Spanish Language Univision affiliated TV stations in Northeast Florida. Chad’s interests include people, psychology, mass communications, traveling, cooking, writing, reading, computers, music, humor, sports, futurist strategies, and religions. Send Chad an email message.