Kim McDougalKim McDougal is Director of Interactive Communications. She started with the chamber in 2008 and in 2010 she was promoted from Executive Assistant to take charge of Interactive Communications. Kim’s primary responsibility is managing the chamber’s website, overseeing social media, designing and publishing all electronic communications. She has had over 22 years experience in website solutions and graphics becoming a business owner in 1999.

She and her husband own and operate Ken McDougal Photography where they sell her husband’s nature, wildlife, and scenic photography for home and office decor. Kim is also a fabric/fiber artist crocheting, knitting, and weaving. Kim sells her crafts at a local arts center and is the author of, her lifestyle blog about her life, crafts, and Christian faith. She and her husband, Ken, lived in Jacksonville, Florida for more than 10 years, moving to the Oregon coast in 2012. Send Kim an email message.