Lillian Gotay Bessellieu was born in Manhattan, New York and lived there until she was seven years old. Her parents which are both native from Puerto Rico decided to move back to the Island. Lillian attended school in Fajardo, PR through High School. She earned a Sports Scholarship due to her “Outstanding performance as an Athlete” and attended Universidad Inter Americana Recinto Metropolitano in Hato Rey, PR and studied Computer Science.

Lillian moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1987 and commenced to work for the Department of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) as a Job Counselor at the Welfare office. Mrs. Gotay Bessellieu was personally Awarded and invited to dinner by Governor Dukakis in 1989 due to the enormous reduction of Hispanics by 38 percent in the Northeast of Massachusetts, Welfare Department that were placed on permanent jobs and had kept their employment for over 12 months. A program Lillian came up with for Welfare recipients on mid-1987. Her program was used as a Pilot on the entire state due to the successful outcome. Lillian continued to work with the DUI until the year 2005 after her fourth promotion as an Appeals Review Examiner.

Lillian relocated to Jacksonville FL in 2005 with her husband and two daughters. She has been employed by Florida Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida) since 2010, hired as a Bilingual Service Advocate, 2012 promoted to the Full Service Unit Department. In 2016 she decides to try a different journey as an Appeals and Disputes Coordinator. Also seats in the HOLA GuideWell Community Board as the Community Director since 2015. She “enjoys helping the Community in any way, shape or matter”. Her hobbies are dancing, sports and travelling. Lillian makes sure that any person, from any race is treated with “honesty and respect”. Lillian’s favorite phrase is “Life is short, enjoy every second of it”. Send Lillian an e-mail.