Dr. Roberto SANCHEZ

Dr. Roberto Sanchez immigrated to the United States in the 1990’s. He is originally from Guatemala, having grown up on a cotton farm in Escuintla.

Dr. Sanchez is married to Rebekah Sanchez, daughter of missionaries to Guatemala. They have two sons: Josiah Juda, age 14 and Jonathan Levi, age 12. Dr. Sanchez served in his local Christian church in every position from secretary to Elder. During that time he learned many aspects of leadership and serving others which would help him in the future.

He has lead Logos Christian University as President and CEO since 2008. Dr. Sanchez holds a Dual Doctorate of Business Administration from SMC University Switzerland and Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala, a Doctor of Ministry from Logos C. U., and a Master of Theological Studies from Logos Graduate Schools.

He is a member of Celebration Church and is working on a new educational project, a Christian Business School. He enjoys reading, soccer, golf, and tennis. His life motto is “the best is yet to come.” He is a preacher and administrator and also leads his own ministry along with his wife: Matthew 28:19 Ministries. He has served the FCHCC for several years and is passionate for education, economics and theology. His work for the doctoral degree and research is about Theo-economics. Send Roberto an email message.