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934 North Magnolia Ave., Suite 210
Ramon Ojeda
(407) 753-4430

Mission: Enhance the appreciation for and understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion. We will achieve success through efforts and activities that aim to:

Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and community
Develop leaders who are educated and aware of all aspects of diversity and inclusion
Develop programs that support diversity education and awareness

Vision: We are committed to transforming our workplace communities into environments where people are valued for their uniqueness and differences, and are confident that their contributions matter.

800 West Monroe Street
Carlos Cruz
(877) 276-3962

Hispanic NEXO emerged from the market demand to provide clients with a comprehensive approach to developing a connection with the Hispanic community that creates a true bond, a “NEXO”. We recognize that it’s only by combining our collective talents and resources that we can offer our clients this unique perceptive. The genius of Hispanic NEXO is precisely the nexus of Cruz & Co. The Factor, Inc. and Influence Communications. We believe that by combining our vast experiences, relationships and skills we can best serve those clients looking to develop a genuine NEXO with Hispanics.