Having a pup nearby reduces work stress

Stressed about an upcoming presentation? You might feel better with your dog’s head in your lap. Twenty percent of people in a 2017 Chapman University survey of American fears said they are afraid to speak in front of a crowd. But a recent Kent State University study found that pre-adolescents who gave a five-minute speech with their dog in the room felt less threatened by the situation than those who didn’t, and having physical contact with the dog made it even less stressful, the Washington Post reported.continue reading →

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Next Event

Summer season will soon be upon us and celebrations are in their planning stages as event organizers are suiting up and trying on their many, many hats. As the Director of Client Success at SpinGo, my team works with many Event Makers who get so caught up in the massive amount of things on their to do list that they often forget to take a moment to ask a few fundamental questions before planning their event. Here are 3 questions to take you back to the basics and to help you create your…continue reading →