2022 FCHCC Women del Mañana Event

FCHCC March 2022 Women del Manana Connect! Event
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FCHCC held it’s 2nd Annual Women del Mañana Connect Event March 30th, 2022 at Havana Jax Cafe in Jacksonville Florida. This exclusive event designed to support women who are in various aspects of life.

The three important speakers, who stand out for their social and economic work in the Hispanic community of Jacksonville, Florida were: Silvia Pulido, Owner of Havana Jax Cafe, Belkis Plata, Attorney and Counselor at Law at Plata Schott Attorneys & Counselors at Law and Alejandra Amegin, Founder and CEO of Jacksonville Natural Healing who are examples that power and courage unites us to create our paths with leadership and strength.

Women Del Mañana Connect was an inspirational event. It gave the panelists and attendees the platform to share their experiences as women in leadership and Business and also to share empowerment stories that shows the resilience of Hispanic women.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (FCHCC)’s goal for Women del Mañana is to unite support women in all facets and challenges for the roles they have such as: mothers, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and business owners.