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Our Committees
Our Committees
Our Committees

Our Committees

Committees are led by the Executive Committee and we are always looking for volunteers. Learn more about each committee below! If any of the following committees or sub-committees sparks your interest, let us know and we will contact you after we receive your information.

New Membership.

Responsible for the membership growth and is the main revenue growth engine of the FCHCC. Also responsible for assisting in the education, growth and perpetuation of the Chamber’s membership. The New Membership Committee shall receive applications for membership, check such applications for membership eligibility and present them for appropriate action to the Board.

Membership Retention.

The Membership Retention committee encourages active membership of all Members, not included in the payment of dues but participation in the activities and affairs of the FCHCC. The committee shall monitor the payment of members’ dues and make recommendations to the Board regarding action to be taken for nonpayment. 


The Non-Profit committee encourages active membership of Non-Profit corporations, not only in the payment of dues but participation in the activities and affairs of the FCHCC. The Non-Profit committee shall establish relationships with Non-Profits that will further the vision and mission of the FCHCC.

Professional Events.

The Professional Events committee plans, implements and organizes all professional networking events and workshops for the FCHCC.

Hispanic Heritage Gala Event.

The Gala committee plans, implements and organizes the FCHCC’s annual gala.

Achieving the Dream (ATD).

The ATD committee plans, implements and organizes the FCHCC’s Achieving the Dream Scholarship program. The committee shall receive and review applications for scholarships submitted to FCHCC and determine eligibility.

Sponsorship Committee.

The purpose of the Sponsorship Committee is secure sponsors and vendors for all of FCHCC’s events.

Marketing and Media.

The Marketing and Media committee develops and oversees marketing campaigns for FCHCC, including but not limited to advertising, market research, promotional activities, overseeing the proper maintenance of FCHCC’s website, coordination of internal marketing, monitoring performance and social media marketing.


The Elections committee organizes the elections of the Association. The Elections Committee, as properly established under the FCHCC Bylaws, shall organize the annual elections of FCHCC. The Elections Committee shall make Reports and Recommendations to the Board.


The mentorship program is a structured one-to-one relationship within a professional or academic setting with the goal to connect people, increase knowledge and build skills for future goals and milestones. The mentorship program is designed to create a partnership which can be rewarding to both people, personally and professionally. It’s an opportunity to develop communication skills, expand viewpoints, and consider new ways of approaching situations.

Cultural Committee.

The cultural committee is responsible for expanding the chamber’s positioning in the business market and community through multiple events, bilingual communication campaigns, increasing participation in programs and creating a “Virtual Chamber” experience on social media. The cultural committee’s goal is to position FCHCC as the most important hub and unifier in Northeast Florida for Hispanics to establish and grow their business and for non-Hispanics businesses to find information on the region’s Hispanic Community based on education, culture and dissemination of communication.