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We Want You to Get Involved

Led by the Executive Committee, the FCHCC is always looking for volunteers.

If any of the following committees or sub-committees sparks your interest, complete the Application for FCHCC Committee Volunteer Service. We will contact you after we receive your information.


Business Development.
Responsible for the membership growth and is the main revenue growth engine of the FCHCC. Also responsible for assisting in the education, growth and perpetuation of the Chamber’s membership. The Membership sub-committees focus on recruitment and retention. These are as follows:

  • New Members (Large Corporation and above)
  • New Members (General)
  • Member Retention (Large Corporation and above)
  • Member Retention (General)

Responsible for reviewing, evaluating and advising the Full Board of the FCHCC on matters related to the Board as well as financial and administrative matters. They also perform activities to achieve outcomes identified by the Board, relative to federal and state legislation and public policy impacting small businesses and general businesses with developmental programs designed to serve them. Subcommittees:

  • Board Development and Accountability
  • Finance and Administration

Fundraising and Sponsorship.
Responsible for raising funds and sponsorships of all Chamber events in support of organizational strategic initiatives and operations. Subcommittees:

  • Member Programs and Events
  • Special Events
  • Supplier Diversity

Media and Public Relations.
Responsible for creating brand recognition and awareness for FCHCC with both members and non-members while maintaining good relations with all media outlets.

Corporate Social Responsibility.
Provides advice and guidance to the President’s Office and the Chamber to help ensure that the FCHCC maintains its position as a leader among Chambers of Commerce committed to the protection and advancement of the FCHCC and small businesses policies that reflect respect for fundamental business development, business environmental sustainability and the dignity of all members and associates.