Noel Hernandez

Noel Hernandez is a Director and Global Head of Asset Services Control at Bank of America serving the APAC, EMEA, UK and US regions. Prior to joining Bank of America, he spent the last 20+ years developing a very diverse background by leading large strategic change management incentives across people [as manager, mentor, trainer, coach], processes [optimizing data and workflows] and technology [introducing more advanced technologies into the workplace]. Noel’s tenure includes; Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (New York), Credit Suisse LLC (NY and NC), Deutsche Bank (FL) and most recently, Bank of America.  

Noel’s parents came to New York from Puerto Rico during the 1940’s and he was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. As a first generation Puerto Rican living in NY, he learned the value of family, helping others and the importance of being persistent in doing something despite the difficulties and/or delays in achieving success. Additionally, he learned the importance of mentorship, stewardship, setting challenging goals in life [personal and professional] and having knowledgeable resources available to teach how to navigate through them. Noel’s sense of community stems from his upbringing, long standing career and his passion to perform comes from his genuine desire to help others achieve their personal and professional best.