May 2018 Member Spotlight: Angela Merritt, FCHCC Vice Chair; DEX Imaging

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Angela Merritt; May 2018 Member Spotlight

DEX Imaging, Inc., is an office equipment provider such as copiers, printers, and scanning solutions. We have customized sales and leasing programs for your unique business needs. The company was founded in 2002 with the objective of creating a privately-held dealership that focuses solely on quality service without the conflicting objectives that publicly-held imaging companies face and to give back to the community by donating one-third of the company’s profits to charities and educational programs with the markets where DEX does business. We strive to stay ahead by constantly focusing on core values, such as: customer service, community growth and sustainability and understanding how to benefit the end user.

Part of DEX Imaging’s community commitment comes with encouragement for its employees to get involved with the community that they serve. Angela Merritt, our Vice Chair, started her career with DEX Imaging 15 years ago. She has a background in graphic design and worked for a print shop. This experience has given her a unique perspective of the challenges her current customers face when it comes to their office technology.

Our May professional networking event will be held at DEX Imaging, Inc. Angela looks forward to giving you a glimpse of what her business has to offer to our members and most of all, she is excited to get to know you! DEX Imaging Inc will have El Chamo Criollo food truck, live entertainment and beverages. Come ready to join a great evening at DEX Imaging!

Be sure to register to go, you don’t want to miss it! And if you have more questions about DEX Imaging, visit our website