Metrics of Hispanics in Jacksonville, FL

The region is now home to over 150,000 Latinos. And the Jacksonville Hispanic Community continues to grow by about 5% a year. Hispanics now make up close to 10% of the total population of the Jacksonville DMA.

Why Reach and Connect with the Jacksonville Florida Hispanic Market?

  • According to Forbes Magazine, Jacksonville is the #1 Metro Area for Hispanics economically.
  • Hispanic homeownership rate of 55% is notably higher than the 43% average in other large U.S. metro areas.
  • The median household income for the Jacksonville Florida metro area was $58,709 in 2017. Source: US Census ACS. Hispanics in Florida have proven to be a key element in the success of the communities where they live. Here in Jacksonville, Latinos are reaffirming that fact by their hard work, community participation, and economic impact.

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