October 2018 Member Spotlight: Yandy Perez, SORBOTICS

SORBOTICS - FCHCC October 2018 Member Spotlight
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October 2018 Member Spotlight: Yandy Perez, SORBOTICSYandy Perez serves as the President of SORBOTICS, LLC. He’s recognized by IEEE as one of the most influential and forward thinking for data scientists in the world. His thought leadership has drawn awareness on how to combine the world of industrial automation with cutting edge predictive analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies. His extensive background and skills is in Machine Learning, Big Data, industrial automation, and AI. Yandy is a strong research professional with BSEE in Electrical Engineering, MS in Automation Control & Computer Systems and in the last stretch of receiving his PhD in Machine Learning all from Cuba’s globally renowned Central University of Las Villas.

SORBOTICS, LLC is an innovative software company providing the most advanced Industrial IoT Technology Solutions, solving industries biggest pain points. SORBA IoT is the worlds most Advanced, Enterprise, Industrial IoT platform. Engineers, operators and maintenance crews for companies worldwide rely on the SORBA platform to manage and execute OT & IT transportation digitalization. Without equipment failure and unplanned downtime disruption, SORBA IoT empowers industries to significantly:

  • Improve Asset Utilization & Efficiency
  • Increase Operational Capacity With No New Capital Projects
  • Reduce Operating Expenses
  • Drive Economic Profitability

With measureable ROI, SORBA IoT delivers the bottom-line results that companies are looking for. Ask us about our success stories and Harness The Power of YOUR DATA using tomorrow’s technology. Learn more at: http://sorbasoft.com.