Mujeres del Manana Conference

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by Maribel Hernandez


The FCHCC actively participated in the Mujeres del Manana Conference this Saturday, May 23rd which was historical. It was extremely empowering for those that attended and experienced it. Many thanks to Alice Gonzalez for preparing everything for our table and to Angie Rossy & Jose Cuetos for coming out on Saturday to help with the booth. Thanks to your assistance we have some good leads for membership and expect to receive several additional scholarship applications. They also promoted our upcoming events for programs and education. I personally spoke with someone who will be going to the business luncheon tomorrow after talking with us at the conference.

Andrea Reyes and I attended the conference itself as participants and I’m sure she will agree that the event was a huge success. The sessions by Pilar Ortiz and Pegine Echevarria were nothing less than awesome. It was also an honor for me to moderate the panel that included role models of Hispanic Women in Northeast Florida’s which included three of our very own members/ partners:  Giselle Carson, Alicia Burst, and Sylvia Pulido. The audience even made a pact that when Cuba is officially free, we would all gather at Cuba Libre for the party of the century!

Thanks again everyone for your support of our sister organization, The H.I.L.L. and to Annie Grogan for allowing us to be a part of this historic event!

If you didn’t get to attend, check out the video highlights from the event!